Coming Spring 2017

Temenos III is being constructed to provide the most vulnerable of our homeless community a permanent housing setting. The project will be developed at the existing Bread of Life, Inc. (BOL) Day Break Community Center located at 1703 Gray, Houston, TX 77003, and will provide 15 furnished SRO units for chronic inebriates living on the street. The Bread of Life has a long standing reputation for embracing the chronically homeless population, which is historically the hardest to house.

These persons are challenged with severe addiction and mental illness that prevents them from having the opportunity to live independently. Without a stable housing environment, this population’s health continues to decline and they do not access services that are vital to their health and longevity of life. This population will be provided the opportunity to have access to their own dwelling, all while creating a community of their peers. There will be opportunities for a communal living environment bringing folks out of their units during shared meal.


Address: 1703 Gray St. Houston, TX 77003


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