Temenos Place Apartments II


A Dual-Purpose Solution for Downtown Houston and the Homeless Community
Executive Summary

Project Description – Temenos Place Apartments II
Temenos Place Apartments II is a property with a bright future and the potential to change lives. Located in the near Midtown area of Houston, TX, the property is primed for social redevelopment. Upon completion, the Temenos Place Apartments II project will provide more than 80 critically needed housing units for the homeless and extremely low-income community. In addition, it will serve as a direct line of permanent affordable housing for persons currently residing at the “After Dark Program” who are deemed housing ready. These individuals as well as other prospective residents will have the unique opportunity to access employment training within the culinary and food service industry.

Temenos Place Apartments II is a joint project of the Temenos Community Development Corporation and the Bread of Life, Inc. They have linked their common passion, purpose and expertise to make a profound difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

The Property (Site Amenities)

Temenos Place Apartments II is a two-story building located on the east side of Highway 59, a quarter of a mile from the current Temenos Place Apartments. It occupies a portion of the block bounded by Hutchins, Jefferson, and Pierce St. and is 32,500 sq. ft. of improvement space. The existing footprint allows for the redevelopment of the land and it is the intentions of Temenos CDC to build an 80 unit, efficiency apartments, complex with office space and a conference room for group case management sessions. The development will also provide an outdoor communal area, or courtyard, designed with Green Initiatives in mind. Temenos Place Apartments II is ideally suited for redevelopment into an all-inclusive location that allows low-income and previously homeless individuals to access the services and support needed for a successful transition into stable and sustainable living.

The Benefits

As a dual-purpose solution, Temenos Place Apartments II will offer significant benefits to the homeless population and neighboring stakeholders – both commercial and residential. The impact includes a reduction in the number of homeless persons sleeping on the streets, a potential reduction in health issues suffered by homeless and transient clients, and a reduction in vagrancy, vandalism and loitering problems currently evident in most quadrants of downtown and midtown. Temenos Place Apartments II represents a realistically affordable housing option for those who are truly committed to improving their lives and ultimately adding value to their neighborhood and community. It will provide members of the homeless population with the tools to move through their circumstances and change their lives. It will promote self-determination, self-empowerment and ultimately self-sufficiency in an environment that promises acceptance, integrity and understanding. It will be a place where men and women who weathered the storms of life can find serenity.

Project Support

The viability of Temenos Place Apartments II is derived in part from the stakeholder support it has received. City of Houston Councilman James Rodriguez has given support via his office for Temenos CDC to develop affordable and permanent supportive housing within District I. The project was recently awarded a $2.5 million grant from HUD as a part of the SHP Continuum of Care application for the Houston area, an award from TDHCA and the Housing Trust Fund for $125,000, and commitments from the Harris County Community Services Department ($3,123,934), the City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department ($3,000,000), and the Houston Housing Finance Corporation ($1,575,000).

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