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Homeless People Share Their Stories, One Piece of Cardboard at a Time

This article is a repost from People Magazine

DREW MACKIE July 23, 2014 04:15 PM

It’s easier just to look down and pretend you don’t see that homeless person on the street corner, but you’re not fooling yourself: You know he’s there, you know he’s homeless, and in spite of that, you also know he’s still a person.

Rethink Homelessness, a Florida-based advocacy group, has found a handy way to remind the more fortunate of homeless humanity. In the above video, homeless Orlando residents display cardboard signs explaining who they were in better times. The result can be heart-wrenching.

“I was a personal trainer, believe it or not.”

“I went to modeling school.”

“I was on the Buffalo Bills practice squad, 1998-2000.”

It’s moving stuff, only because it forces you to recognize that there’s more to all these people than being homeless.

On its YouTube page, Rethink Homelessness has more videos showing a different side of homeless life. Take a moment and take a look.

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